I know I say this a lot. BUT OH MY GOSH! This is the most delicious thing I’ve ever had for breakfast! AND ITS HEALTHY! What even is life? I’ll take my order of the cookie dough smoothie for breakfast, lunch and dinner please and thank you. Showeeeee. Can’t say it enough, just delicious. This guy is full of all the good stuff that will keep you full for a long, good time so it’ll help you eliminate all the picking that may or may not go on in your mid-morning??? It’s also just full of wholesome, nutritious ingredients giving your body the fuel to make it your best morning yet. Unstoppable.
INGREDIENTS: (this makes a HUGE bowl, so you can share it if you’re kind)
-       2 x frozen bananas
-       ½ a medium avo
-       1 scoop vegan vanilla protein (I use wazoogles and its amazing)
-       2 x pitted medjool dates
-       1 x teaspoon vanilla
-       1 tablespoon peanut butter
-       ½ cup water
-       Put all these yummy yummy in my tummy ingredients in a blender and blend into a smooth, amazing, creamy smoothie. Salivating as I’m writing this and getting up to make another one. That’s all.
-       Well, well, well. The world is your oyster baby. Add anything from granola, coconut, seeds, nuts, nut butter, fresh fruit WHATEVER WHENEVER. Everything tastes amazing on this yummy.
Disclaimer: don’t say I didn’t warn you about the addiction thing. HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. Highly yummy. 

“i wasn’t gonna eat that cookie dough smoothie bowl. but mamma didn’t raise no quitter.”

— everybody on planet earth