Ever feeling a little peckish, but don’t have much more to give than 2 ingredients? Maybe you’ve got a few minutes to give your belly a little lovin’ in-between working, sleeping, exercising, socializing, drinking enough water, you know… life. Well, we got you boo!
Just 2 ingredient on-the-go toast toppers. They’re delicious, nutritious & quite frankly addictive. But man alive, they fill the whole and the rumbles and grumbles in the tummy when it’s been some time since you’ve filled your bod. Anyhoo, here they are:
1.     The legendary, avo & cherry tomatoes on toast.
This bad boy needs no introduction, and if you’re on here you’re probably addicted to avo too, so I’m sure this guy is no stranger to you.
-       ½ an avo & 5 cherry tomatoes
Easy on your portion size here sister, don’t be a greedy goo. ½ an avo has about 150 calories, good calories don’t worry. But there’s no need for more, so pull back the reins a bit. Promise, it’s not that hard to put half an avo back in the fridge.
2.     My numero uno hummus & mushrooms
This guy pulls straight on my heartstrings. I always have a tub of homemade hummus in my fridge (what kind of person doesn’t????) and if you have a wee frying pan it’s a 5-minute affair to fry some mushies. I usually do this one when I plan on having the mushies for dinner, so I cook them all and use a few for my toasty & keep the rest for dins.
-       1 x large tablespoon of hummus & 4 mushrooms (always fried with soy sauce, YUM)
So yummy! And so easy. Don’t be put off by having to fry the mushrooms, trust me – having cooked mushrooms in your fridge is an absolute game changer! So many uses for these cutie patooties.
3.     Chickpea mayo. Simple & to the point.
Yum, just yum. So wholesome & so yummy. & she really fills the pit in the tum. Also, a great container to keep in your fridge, so many ways to add chickpea mayo to your life. Especially salads. 
-       250g cooked chickpeas & 2 tablespoons vegan mayo (season as you please)
How easy? I know. Like I said before, it is such a win having containers of premade food in your fridge. It’ll really keep you on your health track & stop you from buying a packet of chips in the car. Don’t be lazy, Susan!
4.     Is this pudding???? Almond butter banana HEAVEN!
Holy wow. Just, wow. This little bundle of delicious is a real treat for the soul. Honestly, it’s like having pudding at 3pm. What a treat! & so delicious, could not recommend more. However, be warned – it most certainly fills you but your inner greed will leave you wanting 300 more. So, hold fast young buck.
-       1 tablespoon almond butter & half a banana (definitely add cinnamon!)
Again, watch your portion size here. They are both very good ingredients but in the right moderation. So, keep to the suggested serving size if you want to look fab in that new bikini you got.
So, that’s a wrap! Or should I say TOAST!  My favourite bread is always sour dough or an activated charcoal ciabatta (recipe coming soon), but these guys are delicious on whatever you put them on – even a corn cake. Mmmmm.
Enjoy it you wonderful bunch of coconuts. I know these are on-the-go snacks for the busy bee, but please make sure you take time to actually eat them mindfully. If you’re the busy bee reading this and likes to take the toast and run to the car to save time. Please don’t. I encourage you to take a seat, & chomp on your delicious snack mindfully giving your body and mind time to digest it all. Its 5 minutes of your day. That’s all. And it’ll do you so much good – time to digest and rest. Giving yourself time in the day is an investment, not an expense. Spend your time wisely. x

“I’m moody when i need foody”

— some 6 year old