Welcome to my favourite of all favourite creations: KIMBUCHA. I have the most undying love for kombucha it’s scary, and knowing a thing or two about the gut makes me love it even more. I have always wanted to create my own kombucha but didn’t know where to start. Luckily enough, kind people exist. And that kind person resided in Antigua, Guatemala. Matthew James and I were traveling Central America for a few months and as much as we LOVED the local food, we were naturally craving an acai bowl and we found the most delicious restaurant “Acai Antigua”. The owner saw me drooling over her brewing her booch and I told her I can’t wait to brew my own, so without hesitation she gave me some of her culture – which I have now grown into KIMBUCHA. Its travelled across the world and is stronger than ever, and you can definitely taste it!!!!
Anyway, I want to share the Kimbucha love and give you the recipe I use so you can maybe brew your own…
WHATS THE DEAL WITH KOMBUCHA ANYWAY: Well, its fermented and so it has lots of helpful probiotics. Probiotics are key to a very healthy gut. And a healthy gut is really the basis and the core of being healthy, personally! 
-       1 x kombucha SCOBY
-       2 cups kombucha
-       1 cup sugar
-       5 green tea bags
-       2.5 liters of water
1.     Bring the water to boil and add your green tea bags, and give it a lovely stir around
2.     Once its boiled and you’ve added your tea bags turn off the heat and add sugar and stir until it’s perfectly dissolved.
3.     Let tea bags simmer until your concoction is nice and cool.
4.     Whilst waiting for tea to cool, it’s time to prep your kombucha bottle.
5.     This baby has got to be able to breathe in the first phase so either use paper towel or a cheese cloth and a rubber band as your makeshift lid.
6.     Add two cups of already made kombucha and your SCOBY to start your brew…
7.     Once tea is cooled add it into your bottle where the kombucha and SCOBY are waiting
8.     Be patient.... let it ferment for the next 10 days. In a nice cool, dry place. x
-        1 cup fresh ginger juice (3/4 cup peeled chopped ginger with water, blended and strained)
-       ¾ cup lemon juice
-       2.5 liters of kombucha
1.     Transfer 2.5 liters of kombucha to your next container for the start of your second phase… almost there, promise!
2.     Add the fresh Ginger and Lemon juice to your booch and give it a good stir!
3.     Seal this bottle up tight and ensure no air gets in, so the flavor can really do its thing and hopefully some of the fizz can step in.
4.     Leave for a further 10 days, it’s not that I swear it goes by quicker than you think!
5.     Drink it up munchkin! It’s time for a happy gut and a happy heart. X

“in a world full of soda, be a kombucha”

— some genius somewhere