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Good morning to our sleep loving community,

As you know, no one loves sleep more than we do – so, we want to take this time to tell you a little bit more about WHY we love our 40 winks so much. Trust me, you’ll want to read this.

We have teamed up with the sleepwear queens at HomeTime Sleepwear, and have decided to make June the month of – SLEEP WELLNESS – here at the The Tulua Sun HQ.

What is sleep wellness you ask? In a nutshell, sleep wellness is taking great care of your sleep and putting its quality and quantity at the top of your priority list, to support and nurture your overall well-being.
Over the next month, we’re going to be breaking up the overwhelmingly large amount of information out there, into little bite size chunks that are super easy to digest and understand.
Make sure you stay with us to the very end to ensure best snooze results, we’ll also be sharing some sneaky discounts along the way, PLUS there’ll be a pretty cool giveaway at the end too.
Okay, let’s step into snoozeville and see what this whole sleep wellness thing is all about…


You know those day’s where you are faced with a really tough decision, like really, really tough? You’re going backwards and forwards, you’re making pro and con posters like they’re going out of fashion, you’ve phoned pretty much every contact on your phone, but no one or nothing can give you a straight answer?
You call your mom for the 15th time, because surely, she’ll have the answer by now, and she does. The million-dollar answer that will solve all your woes, she says gently on the other end of the line, “Darling, just sleep on it. And the answer will come.”
And guess what? It works.
Let’s look at why getting a good night’s sleep can positively impact our decision making and cognitive function (this word is a tough one, basically cognitive function refers to the mental processes that enable us to think, learn, remember, solve problems, and make decisions).
  1. Sleep restores brain function: During sleep, your brain consolidates and processes information gathered throughout the day. Sleep allows your brain to recharge and operate at its top level, enhancing your ability to think clearly and make sound judgments.
  2. Enhances problem-solving skills: During sleep, your brain can continue working on these problems subconsciously. It can make connections, reorganize thoughts, and find creative solutions. Consequently, after a good night's sleep, you may find that your mind feels refreshed, and you can approach decisions with more clarity and creativity.
  3. Emotion regulation: When you're well-rested, you are better equipped to regulate your emotions, which can positively impact your decision-making process. It allows you to approach decisions with a calmer and more rational mindset, rather than being influenced by heightened emotions.
  4. Attention and focus: A good night's sleep helps improve attention and concentration, allowing you to gather and process relevant information more efficiently.
  5. Reduced cognitive biases: When you're well-rested, your cognitive processes are less influenced by biases, leading to more objective decision-making. Sleep helps reset your cognitive biases and allows you to approach decisions with a fresh and unbiased perspective.
I bet you didn’t know that a good night’s rest was capable of stopping you from making really bad decisions did ya? Well, now you do.
Before we dive a little deeper into our sleep wellness month, let’s make sure we fully understand what sleep actually is. When we hit the hay and drift off into dreamland, a fascinating series of events unfolds within our bodies. Our brains take centre stage, orchestrating a symphony of activity. During sleep, our brain waves slow down, gradually transitioning from the wakeful beta waves to the relaxed and rhythmic alpha and theta waves. As we delve deeper into slumber, our body temperature drops, muscles relax, and breathing becomes slower and more regular. This is the time when our bodies engage in repair and restoration. It’s basically our reset button, like when your laptop starts to get really slow at the end of the day – you close it, put it on charge and open it the next day and she is FULL OF LIFE. You need that too you know, not just your laptop.
That’s a pretty easy solution to making pretty good decisions in your life, right? Right! Now, before we move on – 6 hours sleep a night ain’t gonna cut it. Being busy is not cool anymore folks, self-care, early to bed, early to rise is cool now. So, to allow your brain to do the things it needs to do to help you make those good decisions – as an adult, you need at least about 8 hours sleep opportunity. Now, a sleep opportunity is the opportunity you give yourself to sleep. This means, getting into bed 8 hours before you have to wake up, it’ll give you some time to wriggle around and do some deep breaths, clear the mind – that kind of thing. Reading, scrolling, telly isn’t included in this, much to most millennials dismay, so make sure you give yourself time before this if you want to include those kinds of activities into your night time routine.
That's a wrap on week one's bite sized info on why sleep is so, so, SO important. Stay tuned every Monday for the whole month of June to learn a little more every week.
Until next time,
Sleep tight.