The in’s & out’s of all things supplements

We have created the most wonderful, magical, sensational, extraordinary, marvellous, little tubs of magic that will take your healthy ever after to the next level. There is something for everyone, and even more is coming! But what good would it be for you to purchase a supplement and not know a thing about them? Knowledge is power at the end of the day, we want our Tulua Sun family to be completely informed and educated so that you fully understand the power behind your purchases.
If there is anything you take away from this post it’s this: the more you know about your body and what you’re putting into it – the more powerfully healthy you will be!
So, take the time to learn, to understand and to make conscious, mindful, healthy decisions. We want you to take our beautiful supplements because they make you feel good, not because we told you to.
The first step of this process is to understand what a supplement is: 
"A dietary supplement is a product taken by mouth that contains a "dietary ingredient" intended to supplement the diet. The "dietary ingredients" in these products may include: vitamins, minerals, herbs or other botanicals, amino acids, and substances such as enzymes, organ tissues, glandular, and metabolites."
-       FDA
That’s the real technical, shmecytical stuff. To us, a supplement is something that’s going to improve your overall health and wellbeing. 
World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (illness).” WHO defines wellness as “the optimal state of health of individuals and groups,” and wellness is expressed as “a positive approach to living.”
Let’s get one thing straight, taking our supplements alone wont make you healthy sweet pea, you need to put in some ground work too. We can’t just eat 3 cheeseburgers a day and take Tides by Tulua Sun and expect to be healthy ever after, that’s simply not how health and wellness works. There is no quick fix for healthy ever after, it is a process, a journey. 
Our supplements work best alongside a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Now, we know that is the goal at the end of the day, to live and lead and love in a balanced, healthy lifestyle – but it is often easier said than done to achieve this harmony that people speak of, there is so much pressure and stress from the outside world that we can so often get caught up in the spiral. So, that is where Tides by Tulua Sun comes in. To be by your side, through thick and thin, ups and downs, holding your hand and keeping your head above water as you ride the wave of life.
Okay, ready, set , LEARN:
Where do we get vitamins and minerals from:
Here are some examples of a few vitamins and minerals and where we can get them from:
  • Part of an enzyme needed for energy metabolism; important to nerve function
  • Pork, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds
  • Part of an enzyme needed for energy metabolism; important for normal vision and skin health
  • Milk, leafy green vegetables, whole grains
  • Part of an enzyme needed for energy metabolism; important for nervous system, digestive system, and skin health
  • Meat, poultry, fish, whole grains, mushrooms
  • Part of an enzyme needed for energy metabolism
  • Fortified cereals, organ meats (liver, kidney), beef, chicken breast, mushrooms, avocado, nuts, seeds, dairy milk. 
  • Part of an enzyme needed for protein metabolism; helps make red blood cells.
  • Meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits
  • Part of an enzyme needed for energy metabolism
  • Beef liver, eggs (cooked), salmon, avocados, pork, sweet potato, nuts, seeds
  • Part of an enzyme needed for making new cells; important to nerve function
  • Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, seafood, milk FOLIC ACID:
  • Part of an enzyme needed for making DNA and new cells, especially red blood cells
  • Leafy green vegetables, legumes, seeds, orange juice
  • Antioxidant; part of an enzyme needed for protein metabolism; important for immune system health; aids in iron absorption
  • Citrus fruit, cabbage, strawberries, peppers, tomatoes
  • Needed for vision, healthy skin and mucous membranes, bone and tooth growth, immune system health
  • Cheese, butter, eggs, leafy dark green vegetables, carrots
  • Needed for proper absorption of calcium; stored in bones
  • Liver, fatty fish, sunlight.
  • An antioxidant that protects the cell walls
  • Vegetable oils, whole grains, liver, nuts and seeds
  • Needed for blood clotting
  • Dark green vegetables: kale, spinach, broocolli, asparagus
  • Helps with heart rhythm, muscle and nerve function, bone strength
  • Green leafy vegetables, nuts, dairy, soybeans, potatoes, whole wheat, quinoa
  • Supports your immune system and nerve function. Also important for reproduction.
  • Red meats, some seafood, fortified cereals
  • Helps make thyroid hormones
  • Seaweed, seafood, dairy products, processed foods, iodized salt
  • Protects cells from damage. Helps manage thyroid hormone
  • Organ meats, seafood, dairy, some plants (if grown in soil with selenium), Brazil nuts
Why we turn to supplements:
Yes, the food we eat contains amazing vitamins and minerals, and with a balanced diet we can be oozing in all that good stuff. But, this is not an ideal world that we are living in, and some of the modern movements have affected the quality of our food and water. Below are some examples of why we are turning to supplements now, more than ever:
  1. we are overusing our soil which in turn leads to mineral depletion
  2. modern farmers are increasingly choosing higher yields over better quality, which has shown lower nutrient counts in some of our foods.
  3. the increase in carbon dioxide increases the synthesis of carbohydrates like sugars and starches and decreases the concentrations of proteins and nutrients like zinc, iron, and B-vitamins - which can be harmful to us humans who depend on them for nutrition.
  4. people are often exposed to chemical substances like alcohol and smoking which can be responsible for nutrient and antioxidant depletion.
  5. we encounter and are exposed to more toxins than ever before
  6. our water is being depleted of certain minerals
  7. long-distance travel of foods results in nutrients being lost along the way
  8. we live in a fast-paced, high-stress world which is making us unhealthier by the day. A stressful environment can cause us to make poor food choices, weakens our immune system, and can even promote diseases.
  • You experience mental stress
  • You experience physical stress
  • You experience emotional stress
  • You are exposed to chemicals and toxins
  • You eat a restricted diet
  • You have certain genetic or health conditions
  • You are experiencing possible deficiencies
And lots more, we are all different at the end of the day and different things effect us differently. Which is why it is important to get to know yourself as best as you possibly can!
Darling, we’re different. We’re gentle, kind, loving and nurturing. We use a mix of herbs, vitmains, minerals and other nutrients to give your body the best love it could possibly experience.
Give our supplements a try and let us know how wonderfully they have affected your life!
We hope this sheds a little more light on the whole suppelment topic, we will continue to provide you with all the information you could need and want along the way. Our goal is to empower you with an abundance of knowledge, information and understanding to allow you to make healthy, mindful and consciously positive decisions for you and your wellbeing.
Sending you lots of love, good vibes, and tides!
The Tulua Sun team