2023 Wellness Journal


Your all in one solution to heal from within

Bring balance and joy into your life with our everyday A5 diary. 

Life isn’t all business and to-do lists, life is much, much more than this. Life is about balance, it’s about gratitude and it’s about joy. And so we’ve created just the thing for you. 

It’s an all-in-one, everything you’ve ever hoped for kind of diary. No longer will you need to pack a million planners and journals into your bag, now you only need to pack one. And we’ve made sure that your to-do list and schedule don’t take up your whole day, we’ve made sure that you take time to monitor your health and wellness and give some time to yourself each and every single day.

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This magical book holds so much power. It has the power to inspire change, to remind you of what is important, and to help you see this wonderful life you are living from a greater perspective. We hope that from this perspective you will make positive choices and find deep, deep joy in your purposeful life. 

Always remember: You are worthy, you are strong, and you are capable.

Daily Pages

Our daily pages offer you everything and more:

  • An inspirational quote to set your day on a positive note
  • A space to set your daily affirmation and a moment for you to manifest your day ahead
  • A moment for gratitude
  • Space to state how you feel this morning
  • A space to track your movement and physical exercise
  • A space for you to track your sleep
  • A 12 hour schedule for you to plan your day ahead
  • A to-do list to allow you to ensure you are still making time for things that are important to you
  • A gentle reminder to take deep breathes throughout your busy day
  • A space to track your meals and water
  • A moment of inner work to think of the peak of your day and what you learned from it
  • Lastly, a space to write any notes from the day or for you to reflect on the day that was

Weekend Pages

We want to make sure that your weekends are gentle and revitalising and nourishing. So, we’ve kept these pages short – perfect for you to continue your ritual, but it takes the pressure off a bit.

What you can expect from these pages:

  • An inspirational quote, this always sets the tone for a joyful weekend ahead
  • A space to create an affirmation for the day, words you’d like to live by
  • A moment for gratitude
  • A space for any goals you may have for the day (if it isn’t just to live your best life)
  • A moment of inner diving to write about what made your day wonderful
  • Lastly, a space for notes and reflections. Basically, a space for you to write whatever comes up


Sometimes life can get busy, and time seems to just fly. We want to make sure you take the time to reflect and do the inner work you deserve before just rolling into the next month.

So, monthly you can expect:

  • A peaceful piece of art to lift the dopamine levels and bring some colour into your life
  • A whole page dedicated to monthly reflections and manifestations
  • A monthly moon cycle tracking: new moon, waxing moon, full  moon and waning moon
  • A monthly overview, here you are able to write in all your events and plans and you can see the month as a whole
  • A page for financial planning and budgeting, we want to avoid financial stress as much as possible, and this is a wonderful way to stay on track
  • A page for notes and scribbles

2 reviews for 2023 Wellness Journal

  1. Emma (verified owner)

    This journal is the perfect tool to heal from within. It is so beautiful, which makes it easier to join my morning routine and become a daily part of my life. It is such a wholesome gift as well.

  2. Kerry

    I have bought this diary since it was released and I am hooked. My day feels fulfilled with it nearby, and it is my me time. Such a beautiful reminder that life is so much more than your to-do list!

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