All in one vegan

60 vegan hard capsules 

Rooted in alignment for the art of conscious eating. This supplement was designed with big love for the sustainable eaters – the vegans, veggo’s and/or flexo’s. Your all-in-one B12, D3 and omega 3’s.

Shop gently with us, as we promise to tread lightly and live up to all the below claims:

  • Vegan
  • GMO free
  • Gluten free
  • Sugar free
  • Halal
  • Members of 1% for the planet
  • Proudly South African
  • Female empowered
  • All natural
  • Science backed
  • Earth friendly packaging (glass jars with aluminium lids, and all of our boxes are made 100% from waste)
  • And much, much more

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This supplement was designed with big love for the sustainable eaters – the vegans, veggo’s and/or flexo’s. Your all-in-one B12, D3 and omega 3’s.

Please note, you do not have to be vegan to take this – this capsule is for anyone who is wanting to increase their daily intake of B12, D3 and omega 3’s.

If you’re wondering if you get enough of these vitamins and minerals, this is what foods are high in:

B12: Beef, liver, chicken, shellfish, milk, eff, yoghurt and cheese.
D3: THE SUN, and also found in oily fish.
Omega 3: Mostly fish and other seafood, nuts and seeds, and some plant oils.

So, if you aren’t big on the above foods, this supplement is for you!


1.     LINSEED
  • Food source: fish, nuts, and seeds
  • High in omega 3 fatty acids: EPA = 44.99mg; DHA = 29.99mg; therefore total omega 3’s 74.98mg in the little jar of love.
  • Supports brain health
  • Supports heart health
  • Helps you fight depression and anxiety
2.    B12
  • Food sources: fish, meat, poultry, eggs, dairy
  • B12 is needed to help convert carbohydrates into glucose, therefore helps with energy production
  • Helps regulate a happy, healthy nervous system
  • Helps to reduce depression and stress
3.    D3
  • Food sources: fatty fish and the sun
  • An amazing mood booster
  • Assists and improves our immune system
  • Also assists with strengthening our bones.


  • Supports cognitive health
  • Improves mood
  • Reduces stress and anxiety levels
  • Enhances energy production
  • Improves your nervous system and keep you in a positive state of mind.

Directions for use

Take 1 tablet once a day with meals or as directed by a healthcare professional.


  • If pregnant or breast feeding, please consult a GP before use.
  • If symptoms persist, seek the advice of a healthcare professional.
  • Store below 25 degrees Celsius in a cool dry place away from sunlight.
  • Do not use if the seal has been broken


Produced in a factory where there may be traces of nuts and milk

To Note

  • These bundles of love by NO means replace a healthy, balanced diet & are not intended to diagnose/treat/cure or prevent any diseases.
  • We are firm believers in bio-individuality, what works for one may not work for another, ensure you seek advice from a healthcare professional before consuming.
  • Please reuse your jars, our earth is precious and every little bit makes a difference.
  • For professional information click here.

3 reviews for Planted

  1. Denise Robertson

    This supplement is amazing! My energy levels have been restored and I can also feel a difference when it comes to mental clarity. Thank you for this beautiful product.

  2. Julie

    So much more energy since taking these! Highly recommend them.

  3. Amone

    So much to love about this product! Been using for a few weeks now and so impressed. Been feeling amazing and the fact that it’s filled with so many vitamins in one capsule is such a win! Thank you!

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